Parents R Us blog loves Udi's Gluten Free Bagels

We love hearing from fans who’ve discovered Udi’s gluten-free baked goods for the first time and are absolutely delighted to know that they enjoy eating our soft and delicious bagels as much as we enjoy making them. 

Here the bloggers at ParentsR.Us have posted about jumping on the Udi’s bandwagon by trying their very first Udi’s gluten-free bagel. To quote, "From the microwave I removed a warm, SOFT bagel. Soft. Not crumbly. If you’ve had gluten free bread, you know what I’m talking about!"

To experience for yourself the joy of a delicious gluten-free bagel from Udi’s Gluten Free Foods look for a store near you that carries our products. SEARCH FOR STORES NEAR YOU.

Why not take along a $1.00 off coupon too!

Udi’s Gluten Free Foods are crafted with care for people with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, food allergies, and other digestive issues that result in the need for a wheat free, casein free, soy free, or dairy free diet.

One response to “Parents R Us blog loves Udi's Gluten Free Bagels”

  1. Hollie Eastman says:

    I was very excited to see a new gluten free allergen friendly product at my store today: yours!…Just disappointed that the made in a plant with nuts was part of the package. Still Glad you are around.

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