It's Heaven to Eat Sandwiches Again!

In Feb. of 2007 I was diagnosised with Celiac Disease. From that time until Jan. or Feb. of 2010 I hadn’t had a decent sandwhich. All the other breads had to be toasted or grilled before using.

Then I read on GlutenFreeville on FB about Udi’s. Made a trip to Overland Park Kansas and got some. Delicious!! Then accidently found some in the city where we live. Joplin Missouri. Two different stores carry it here, along with some of other Udi’s gluten-free products. One of the stores, Fox Farms Whole Foods even orders new stuff from me asking. My husband and I will be in the Denver area on a church trip and I am hopping to make it to one of your Udi’s cafe’s.

Thank you ever so much for the work you do. I like many others, just want to have quality of life like others. Being able to have a decent sandwich, thank you ever so much!!

Name: Pamela P.
City: Joplin
State: Missouri


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