A Difficult & Allergenic Eater

About a year ago, my 11 year old son Max was tested for food allergies. After many years of digestive troubles, skin rashes & mood swings, it was found that Max was allergic to ALL gluten products (Celiac), all bovine dairy, all citrus, refined sugars & many perservatives, food colorings & additives.

Now, try telling a VERY "picky eater" 10 year old that Gluten Free children have picky tastes, let em try some Udi's bread and bagels.he can’t eat his favorite foods (grilled cheese, macaroni & cheese & PIZZA) anymore and your looking at one upset & angry child as well as a challenged mom! We struggled for months trying to find the right gluten free recipes for breads & pizza dough.

It was trial & error after error – he would eat NONE of it…then one day I was at our local natural foods store stocking up on brown rice pastas, goats milk & rice cheeses and gluten free hotdogs & I found a loaf of UDI’s whole grain bread – it looked & felt like REAL bread so I decided to try it. I went home & made him a Udi’s & rice cheese grilled cheese & INSTANT SUCCESS!!!

Max was THRILLED to eat "real bread" again (he actually thought it was gluten ladened bread!) when I told him it was gluten free he didn’t (and still won’t) believe me. Since then we have tried your muffins (LOVES the cinnamon ones – he calls it dessert), your tortillas – he stopped eating buritos because he hated the brown rice tortillas – Now he gets excited to eat a burrito again.

Your plain bagels with soy free Earth Balance spread are a huge breakfast hit! Udi’s products are SO good that our whole family went gluten free because it is EASY to do with Udi’s products! I don’t know what we would do without Udi’s products in our life! I can’t recommend them highly enough! I brag to everyone about Udi’s products. The last time I went to our local natural foods store, the stocker told me in the last two months they have to re-stock the Udi’s section of the refrigerator 4 times a day!!! I wasn’t surprised at all. YEAY UDI’s!!!! So…now my son wants to know when Udi’s is going to make some hotdog & hamburger buns!?!?! 🙂

Name: Jesse G.
City: Prescott
State: AZ

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