Ahhhhh! Udi's Gluten Free Bread

I shop at a small gluten free store in my area and I have become close to the people working there through all our talk of what is and is not good. I entered on a Friday (that’s the day they get the pies and cookies in) and right out of the bat, Kim comes up to me and says "Opal have you ever tried Udi’s breads?"

I told her that I had never even heard of them. She told me…not asked mind you…she told me to buya loaf of the bread and if I didn’t like it..she would buy the used loaf back from me for full price. (She knows that things are tight for us finanicaly) So, with a deal like that, I bit. I brought the loaf home, toasted up a slice and was very pleased at the aroma. I spread a bit of Nucoa margarine on it and bit in.

I almost cried it was so good. I ate about 3/4 of a loaf at that sitting !!! I have been without gluten products for almost 5 years now and while my tastes have changed a bit, I still have a memory of what bread is sapose to taste like and this one is it !!! Since then, I have tried both bread types, both muffin types and the bagels are the BOMB !!! I am waiting patiently for them to get in the Cinnamon Rolls and Chocolate muffins !!! Thank You Thank You Thank You

Name: Opal B.
City: West Jordan
State: UT

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