Bagel Bliss! Gluten-Free Bagels with No Toaster Needed

Since going gluten free I have had to resort to sniffing some of my old gluten guilty pleasures. Yes, I’m that girl… the one lingering near the pastries in the grocery store with her eyes closed while taking in the heavenly smells. Ahhhhhhh. I wish I could sink my teeth into that ….."SHUT UP! NO WAY!" There in front of me was an Udi’s display with BAGELS! Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I have had a bagel? I picked up the bag expecting to feel something that resembled a hockey puck. Oops! Overcompensated a bit & squished the contents of the package but no worries, it sprung back. It sprung back like a real bagel should. I poked the bagels through the bag again and double checked the label…no way could this be gluten free, but it was, yes indeed. Like most gluten free breads, we don’t get the pleasure of enjoying them unless they are fresh out of the oven or toasted. Not my Udi’s bagels. I popped one out of the bag and enjoyed it in the car on my way home from the store. No toaster needed folks. It was simply Udilicious!

Name: Jeni F.
City: Greeley
State: CO

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