FINALLY…Grilled Ham n Cheese!

Hello, my name is Jessica, im a 33 year old mother of 4 children and i’ve had Celiac my whole life but diagnosed when I was 21. The past 12 years have been a lot of trials and misfires with food, some fabulous but lots of work, others terrible and put in the hospital after ingesting. About 6 years ago, I had been contacted by several "older" folks about my experience and asked if I would do a support group at the local hospital. With lots of research, book purchases and recipe pamphlets, I started a group, once a month brining lots of take home sheets, bringing a homemade GF recipe I cooked for them to encourage them that they CAN still eat good food! I did this for over a year, and by the end had around 18 people (our community is only 12,000 in population). Unfortunatly, I was funding all this on my own, had a new baby on the way and could not continue the class. Since then, ive still struggeled with my own battle but have found all the wonderful grocery stores in my town, with my requests, have now started carrying GF products. Ive tried and tested all the products and compliled a list of what tastes GOOD and doesn’t cost a fortune! Now since moving 45 miles away, it makes purchasing these items pretty hard. I heard of a bakery in that town and on the radio they mentioned they carried GF items! I was shocked! I drove over that day, questioned then about their kitchen and other products for contamination. That day I had my first bagel in 20 years!! I savored it for an hour in a quiet corner of the bakery and from then on was a FAITHFUL Udi’s customer! I currently work for a local magazine and write about them often. I get calls from my doctors office about a new GF patient in need of help, and the first words out of my mouth are UDI’S!! Because it is so far away, a group of us tend to buy bulk…multi grain bread, bagels and lemon muffins! My children are NOT GF but choose to be because of you and your wonderful products! Ive since found you online and discovered you carry chocolate muffins and cinnamon rolls, in which this bakery does NOT carry! I excited to try them, however shipping has me held up because the size of my order…but im determined! Last week I was contacted by the hospital and they have asked if I would start up a new GF/Celiac group, with lots of people begging for info and product help. I would love to have something to present to them from your company. I will be starting this group at the end of this month. I am NOT in the medical field, I am not an "expert" however I AM someone who has suffered and know whats good and not good and how to get on the right path. As I type, I am enjoying my first grilled ham and cheese sandwich…(2 actually) and ive attached my photo! 🙂 THANK YOU UDI’S FOR SAVING ME, AND GIVING ME HOPE THAT PEOPLE REALLY CARE ABOUT THOSE THAT CANNOT EAT THE NORM…and not by CHOICE! This is NOT a diet…its a lifestyle. Many MANY thanks from my family as well, we all love you deeply!

Name: Jessica B.
City: Neola
State: UT

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  1. Betty C says:

    I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue 26 years ago. I wouldn’t say I suffered because I could eat all vegatables and fruits. Being born during the depresion in 1927 we did not have many cakes etc, just on holidays. Then I would complain of stomach aches. Of course at that time they misdiagmosed it. I soon found out which foods bothered me and stayed away from them. I ate lots of potatoes and never liked bread., Being Irish.,we ate lots of potatoes which I loved and still do. Now I am happy to find Udi’s and other gluten free food . .

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