Funeral for bad tasting gluten free bread.

It was funny… My Niece (who is also Celiac) called me to tell me about this fantastic new bread and other products she found by this company call UDI’s. I was looking forward to seeing her and trying it since it was not available in my area. The following day, I was in Spokane, WA helping make sandwiches and lunch stuff for my brother’s Father-in-Laws’ funeral, and he put me in charge of making all the gluten-free sandwiches… Low and behold he pulls out two loaves each of Udi’s Gluten Free White and Multi Grain bread… I made all the sandwiches and they were fantastic. I was hooked.. Now three of my local stores either carries or can order UDI products!!! YEA!!!!

Name: Patty B.
City: Moscow
State: ID

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