Is Udi's really Gluten-Free?

I just travelled from Kingston, Ontario, Canada to Seattle Washington to take my two daughters to Seattle Children’sUdi's Baked Goods in Grocery Bakery, Gluten Free Bakery Section Hospital. While we were there my 13 year old daughter came across your products in Whole Foods. (we don’t have a Whole Foods where we live).

She brought her bag of Udi’s gluten free bagels back to the hotel and promptly tried one with cream cheese. She stopped suddenly and grabbed the package and started reading. "Mom, are you sure these are gluten-free?" She couldn’t believe it.

It reminded her of what she has been missing for the last 7 years. We ended up back at Whole Foods and we bought every package of bagels and bread of Udi’s Gluten Free that we could find. We flew them home with us to Ontario and my daughter has been thrilled ever since.

When we arrived in Seattle we had 2 checked bags. Thanks to your bagels and bread.. we had a total of 8 checked bags on the way home!

Thank you for the terrific products! We found a store in Watertown, NY (45 minutes form here) that will order your products for us. Asia is thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. We bought all the Udi’s you see in the picture and ignored the other brands.

Name: Samantha K.
City: Kingston
State: ON, Canada

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