Just a simple sandwich…gluten free sandwich.

I picked up my first loaf of Udi’s white bread from my local Sprouts. I had heard such good things from others about this incredible gf bread. I stopped at my parents house to drop off some other things, and decided that I wasn’t going to wait 5 more minutes to get home and try it, I was trying it right now! So i grabbed my still frozen loaf and headed for the kitchen.

My mom always has amazing sandwich fixings in her fridge, always. We grew up on amazing sandwiches, and I hadn’t had an amazing sandwich in over 6 years. I pulled out of her fridge: honey ham, and munster cheese, romaine lettuce, sandwich sliced pickles, olive oil mayo, and spicy brown mustard.

Since my bread was still frozen it went into the toaster, I was not waiting a moment longer. I assembled my sandwich, took it to the table, and took my first bite. I closed my eyes as this immense feeling of satisfaction overwhelmed me. What a delicious sandwich! I quickly devoured the rest, and quickly assembled another. After inhaling two amazing sandwiches I needed to be on my way. I grabbed the remainder of my loaf and headed home.
Udi's makes amazing gluten free sandwiches!
The entire 5 minute ride home I began thinking of all of the things I could eat with the remainder of my loaf the moment I walked into the door. I raced for the kitchen and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The single most basic staple of a "normal" persons life. I devoured it. It was incredible. I looked at the remainder of my loaf, and knew it would not make it until the next morning. I plotted dinner.

A romantic evening with my husband used to consist of melted brie and garlic on crusty french bread along with our favorite wine. Crusty french bread had been replaced with crackers, and just hadn’t been the same experience. This night was going to be different. I assembled dinner and put it in the oven, and watched giddily as the bread toasted under the broiler. Dinner was ready! We arranged everything in the living room, poured the wine and started a movie. I took my first bite. It was everything I remembered and more. I got a little misty eyed, and then ever so slowly ate the remainder of my first loaf of Udi’s bread.

I knew I would return to the grocery store the next day. But what if they were out? What would I do then? Just have more time to plan my next loaf’s demise.

Name: Leah J.
City: Fountain Hills
State: AZ

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