Love At First Sight…er, Bite!

A couple of weeks ago, I finally clicked on Udi’s Facebook ad, with skepticism as almost everything gluten free I’ve found in my little town (or have had the horrendous experience of attempting too make myself) has either been hard and dense enough to use as a doorstop or tasted and/or felt like sandpaper, especially bread.

I did a store search and was somewhat chagrined to find out the closest store that carried Udi’s gluten-free products was approximately 65 miles away. hmmmph Luckily, I had to drive to the airport the next day, a Sunday, over 120 miles away. Great! I’ll pop in and grab anything and everything I can, as all comments I had read about Udi products were fantastic and I was SO ready for some edible "regular" food.

Unluckily, being a Sunday, almost all the stores would be closed – props to me for being smart enough to call ahead of time to find the closest open one as I would be crunched for time. Also unluckily, the store I managed to find open only had the sandwich bread. (sigh) Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers in our situation. I grabbed two loaves.

Now I’m kicking myself for not grabbing every single loaf in the display case!!! Let me tell you, I almost cried when I finally bit into my first real turkey/avocado sandwich in years that was not in wrapped in a leaf of lettuce nor squished between two pieces of barely edible concrete!!!! No exaggeration.

Even hubby was happy for me as I had MADE him taste the "old" sandwich bread one time…he showed more sympathy for me after that. I am meeting with the store manager for my local Smith’s store to beg, beg, beg her to get some, ahem, ALL the Udi’s products for gluten free diets she can get her hands on for me!!!

When I was diagnosed, several years ago, my doctor told me that Utah has the highest rate of Sprue’s/Celiac in the country and the county I live in and the county just south of us have the highest in the state. Yay for our Northern European heritage! Thank you, people of Udi’s, for making life a little more bearable!!! I cannot wait to get my hands/mouth on some of those chocolate muffin things!!! You rock!!

I think the creation pictured that my daughter and her friend made says it all. [Note. Image did not come through, please try again.]

Name: Kelly C. K.
City: Price
State: Utah

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