My Crisis

Imagine this, bread is your favorite thing in the world, and your diagnosed with celiac disease. I had always loved Yummy sandwiches and gluten free toast with delicious Udi's breadbread, heck I would have a bread sandwich with nothing else. So imagine my horror when I heard that I couldn’t have bread.

So, me and my mother went searching for good gluten free bread. We looked for weeks, and tried everything. Nothing was good, we had given up on bread and I got some muffins and I was so happy, they were so good. Turns out there was one brand I hadn’t tried, Udi’s, the muffins were so good that I decided to try one more brand. I tried there bread and was exstatic, I had bread back, my first love. Now I eat bread everyday, mostly toast though. Thank you so much for making products that taste good without making me feel bad.

Name: Jaden S.
City: Concordia
State: Kansas

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