Udi's Baked Goods for Gluten-Free Diets

I have never tried your brand of GF bread and I tried other gluten free bread and it was HORRIBLE, and I knew that Whole Foods carried your products but it wasn’t until I had to go to the dentist that conveniently there was a WF in the same shopping area as my dentist appt.

So after my appt I went over to Whole Foods and snatched up bread and bagels and after I got home I just had to try the bread.  I noticed it was not hard and when I ate some I noticed right away that it was not gritty like so many rice breads are so I am a fan of your breads and bagels for as long as I live. keep making great products for people like me who have Gluten tolerances. thank you 🙂

P.S. I love the smell of your white bread, heavenly 🙂

Name: Leslie L.
City: Fishers
State: IN

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