Udi's Homecoming!

I will always associate my first experience with Udi’s with the school that I teach at’s Homecoming game last year! I had heard good things about Udi’s bread, so went to the health food store (Get Healthy America, in Plainview, NY) to pick up a loaf. I was running late, so didn’t have time to take my frozen Udi’s bread back home and put it in the freezer, so I left it in my car when I went to my student’s Homecoming Football Game.

Well, at the game, all the snacks being sold were "gluten-filled" (of course), so when the game was over (we won!) I got back into my car and was starving- and said "wait, I have some of that "new bread", let me see how it is"… thinking to myself, "I know, I don’t have a toaster handy, but I’ll give it a try"… well- when I picked up the bag, the first thing I noticed was that it actually had "bounce"! It was not stiff in the traditional way I have come to accept that Gluten Free breads are! I couldn’t’ believe it!

I opened it up, and then took out a piece, that was soft, and flexible, and certainly not crumbly! I bit into it and it was love at first bite!!! I gobbled down the entire piece in 2 seconds! I was so amazed! I’m so glad that "by accident" the bread thawed naturally in the car (I don’t know if I would have ever let it do that- I would have normally thrown it in the microwave to defrost- then immediately in the toaster the GF breads go!)- I quickly ate a second piece, and then threw one at my husband (who is not on a gluten-free diet) saying "YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS AMAZING BREAD!"  I can’t believe it’s GLUTEN FREE!!"… thus began my love affair with Udi’s GF Bread!! I will forever be eating this wonderful, amazing, "bouncy" bread! You have given me back joy in eating sandwiches!

Name: Sue M.
City: Merrick
State: NY

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