The Conference de' Corn

So last year in Iowa, in Fort Dodge to be exact we all were treated to the ultimate UDI’s experience. The samples were there, the questions asked of the representative and all attendees, chapters represented went home smiling with the People on gluten free diets try new gluten free foodsbest gluten free food west of the Mississippi!

The samples I brought home did even better by later feeding those that were without courtesy of our local PD, okay my hubby who happens to have taken some while he stopped at home afterwards.

Udi’s muffins, the bagels and bread just made you smile because it tasted so good, so real and no worries. Finally. As a Udi’s Gluten Free convert, this summer I could share the yummy granola, bagels and breads with lots of bicyclists that know good food when they see it.

It was RAGBRAI and at the bike camp where my husband met w/ his group each day in a new town, the green car that came and delivered the toasted bread, bagels and oh my that granola was very popular. Udi’s website proves it with the pictures we sent them. Life is good when you have UDI’s food in it!

Name: Meg B.
City: Fort Dodge
State: Iowa

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