My Travels with “The Gluten Free Green Monster”

On The Road: My Travels with “The Gluten Free Green Monster”
by Heather Collins

Packing Up

It’s Wednesday, 5:42 p.m. and I am getting ready to leave for a celiac gluten free vendor show on Long Island.

The office is quiet and I am rummaging through sample orders to ensure the gluten free bread orders will arrive on time for the event.  I continue to gather Udi’s Gluten Free marketing materials, cutting boards and sample cups.  Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a presence as if someone was staring at me, but it wasn’t someone – it was something.  I turn around and to my pleasant surprise a colleague had delivered my travel suitcase to my office. Let me rephrase that, a colleague had delivered my very large, very green, very deep suitcase known as “The Gluten Free Green Monster.”

Since I travel almost two to three times a month to various gluten free and celiac community events across the country, I pretty much have this packing task down to a science. I know where things go, how they will strategically fit inside and most importantly, I am a master in the art of knowing when a suitcase has hit the 50-pound limit capacity.

 Travel Companion

I am not sure who named our travel suitcase “The Gluten Free Green Monster,” but my colleague Sara is the one who donated this hefty piece of gear and introduced me to my new found green friend. It’s true, “The Gluten Free Green Monster” has become my friend and trusted travel companion.  Sadly, I have spent more time hanging out with it than my friends and family recently. But when that thing comes barreling down the luggage carousel at midnight in an empty airport, it’s always pleasing to know that it too has arrived safely at our destination.

Seriously, this thing is such a monstrosity and draws quite a bit of attention and a few comments, such as, “Wow, you could fit into that thing,” or “Your suitcase is bigger than you!” Tell me about it.

I actually had a vendor at another gluten free national trade show ask me if he could climb into it just to see if he could fit.  Little did he know that inside were hundreds of samples of gluten free granola, gluten free bread, Udi’s fold up banner, plastic cutting boards and food sanitation gloves. That’s right, have latex gloves, will travel.  

Signs of Aging

My birthday was last month and as I age;  "The Gluten Free Green Monster" ages with me and is already displaying signs of wear and tear that it has lived a good life. Its handle has broken off, the color has faded and the wires are starting to show through the nylon. But have no fear; “The Gluten Free Green Monster” has a lot of life left in it, just like me. Together our positive spirits soar as we travel airport to airport, event to event meeting gluten free fans of Udi’s.

Maybe if we’re lucky we can sit in on a ball game in Boston next month, enjoy a gluten free hot dog and sip on a gluten free beer and take our picture in front of the wall at Fenway Park, Green Monster and all. 

Until next time! 

Be Udiful,
For Fun  

Thank you to everyone who guessed how many loaves could fit in the Green Monster. Tracy R. from Galloway, OH was our winner. The final verdict was 36 loaves and the guessing closed on 9/17/2010
– HC

20 responses to “My Travels with “The Gluten Free Green Monster””

  1. John Kitto says:

    I’ll guess 36 loaves

  2. Phyllis Livengood says:

    Hi New to this five months in only just started on the bread my guess is 75 loaves. the bread is great thank you for helping us eat bread

  3. bryce brewer says:

    7 across by 10 down = 70 + 5 stuffed in there for a grand total of 75 loaves

  4. Ruth West says:

    15 Loaves of GF bread. I’ve been gluten free for 19 years (I am 64) and now it appears my 8 year old granddaughter will have to be gluten free. Udi’s bread is wonderful! And I’ve tried many brands. My GD loved the pizza too, I haven’t tried it yet.

  5. Ashley says:

    72 loaves……oooh, I hope I’m right!

  6. Tracy Ritter says:

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I won, I never win anything!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

  7. Jillian says:

    Congratulations to Tracy R. you are the winner! The "Green Monster" can hold 40 loaves of bread-that’s 5 cases! Check your e-mail soon & thanks to everyone who guessed!

  8. Hope Rodriguez says:

    100 loaves

  9. Ana Garcia says:

    65 loaves

  10. Jean Nylin says:

    57 loaves of very yummy bread!

  11. Kim Fegley says:

    96 loaves! Can’t tell if this case expands

  12. Arlene says:

    63 loaves

  13. Lea says:

    60 loaves.

  14. aryn burton says:

    49 loaves!

  15. Lupine says:

    I am going to say 54. But it is big, so I may be low balling it a bit. I noticed I was the first comment, and thought I may win by being the only guesser. If you asked what I would do with those loaves, I would share them with my sister (thought that might get me a bonus point).

  16. Tracy Ritter says:

    Okay, I am sure this is way too low, but I am going to guess that 36 loaves fit in the suitcase

  17. Tracy Ritter says:

    Okay- this is probably way too low…. but I am going to guess 36 loaves of bread!

  18. Megan says:

    48 loaves! 🙂

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