Are you sure it's gluten free?

Gluten-Free Bagels from Udi's Gluten Free Foods are delicious for those on a GFCF diet

I was making a bagel for my daughter, so I cut it and put it in our Gluten Free toaster oven. I pulled it out and began to butter it for her and heard my daughter say, "Are you sure this is gluten free?" because it sounded just like buttering a regular bagel. I reread the ingredients just in case and said, "Yep". She sat at the table and took a bite. "Mmmmmm. Daddy, Are you SURE this is Gluten Free?" "Yes sweetie, I checked it again." "Daddy…you have to try this" she said pulling off a piece and handing it to me. I ate it and said to myself – "Daddy, ARE you sure it’s Gluten Free?" "Yes" I told myself, and we’ve never bought any other bagel for her. 🙂

Name: Matt & Gillian C.
City: Bridgewater
State: NJ

One response to “Are you sure it's gluten free?”

  1. Suie says:

    I agree! I’ve been eating Udi’s GF products for a while, but just recently bought the bagels and made breakfast sandwiches for me and my non-GF son. Thinking they were "regular" bagels, he said, "Mom, what are you going to have your sandwich on? You can’t have these."

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