Free to go Fishing Again

Ever had one of those days where everything is going so horribly wrong in your adult life that all you crave is taste and comfort from Gluten free  bread by Udi's Gluten Free Foodschildhood? That was me the day I discovered Udi’s bread.

I’d had a exhausting day and work and bills were stressing me out and all I wanted was a fish stick sandwich. If it’d been a year ago I’d have run to the corner store easily but now having to eat gluten free I faced what I thought would be another crushing defeat in trying to recreate food from my gluten days. I went to the Whole Foods, thinking atleast getting out of the house would help the funk I was in. As I wandered the aisles I found Gluten Free fish fillets, throwing them in my cart and wandering over to the bread section to stare at the offerings I’d already shot down in the year I’ve been Gluten Free diet.

Looking in the freezer I found a new gluten-free bread, Udi’s White Bread. The look of the bread made me hopeful so I put it in the cart and off to the house I went. I thawed a few pieces, smelling them and starting to get my hopes up. That’s when I did something I hadn’t done with the other breads before and took a bite of the plain bread without toasting it. As cheesy as it sounds to people when I tell them the story, they’ll never really understand what happened next unless they’re gluten free. I cried. The bread was soft, amazing and tasted just like any other bread with gluten. It even stood up to my smooshing it flat as I slathered it with mayo and ketchup for the fish sandwich. I never thought I’d eat bread again but since that day a few months ago I’ve had Udi’s in the house and sandwiches for lunch everyday.

Name: Christine D.
City: Jacksonville
State: Florida

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