Gone in a Flash!

After trying some Udi’s bread and muffins at a Celiac support group meeting, I went to the one and only store in my area, and purchased some for my family. I bought four loaves of the Whole Grain bread. I am not exaggerating when I say that we went through the four loaves in just two days!! Yes, people that is right two days! Our girls had not had gluten free bread that good in two years!

They saw the bread on the counter and you would have thought it was Christmas morning! "Bread, Bread, Bread, they shouted." One by one the bread was gone to the very last crumb. I made sandwiches, grilled cheese, french toast, toast with jelly, and the bread plain just right out of the bag like the good ol’ days. No toasting was needed people! Just great tasting, soft, moist, and satisfying Udi’s bread. So good in fact even our dog had to get in on the action. I left a half loaf out on the counter that evening, and to my dissapointment our family Labrador thought he would help himself to a little midnight snack. I guess he couldn’t resist tasting the bread he has been hearing and watching his family rave about.

We LOVE Udi’s and tell everyone we know about it whether they eat gluten free or not. Enjoy!! We do.

Name: Cassie R.
City: Winchester
State: California

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