Hooked on Udi's

I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten a sandwich. I had tried a few gluten free products but finding them not worth the money I resorted to doing without. When a kind co-worker found out about my diet she asked if I had tried Udi’s? I was clueless, as I had not heard of it. The next day she brought me some Udi’s white bread and an Udi’s bagel. I went straight home and made a REAL sandwich. My taste buds were electrified with enjoyment as I enjoyed eating bread again! In a couple of days I had my first real hamburger on the Udi’s bagel. I knew then that I was completely hooked, and in a good way.

Udi’s is now part of my everyday life and I am ecstatic. If only I can get more stores to carry it I will be in heaven 🙂 Thanks Udi’s!

Name: Victoria B.
City: Willamina
State: Oregon

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