It Can't Be…

I was diagnosed with Celiac in June of ’08. I was always a sandwich person. I LOVED Panera Bread and would often eat there for their wonderful sandwiches. I was SO disappointed when I was diagnosed because I just could find any bread that tasted remotely good. I was a baker before diagnosis and I baked my family’s bread from scratch. I decided to try and bake gluten free bread from scratch. It was better than store bought, but still not good. I saw a lot of people talking about Udi’s Gluten Free on a forum I visited, so I decided to give it a try.

WOW! It was wonderful to be able to put the butter I made on a nice SOFT piece of bread and ENJOY it! I cried. Seriously. Thank you for offering such wonderful products!

Name: Stephanie
City: Decatur
State: Illinois

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