Laura Elise

My daughter is now 10 yrs old. In Dec. of 2008, she got a stomach bug and never seemed to feel good after that. She had a weird cough, we were told she had acid reflux, allergies, anxiety. Then she just on her own said. I dont want to eat the bun of my burger. ” I get too full and get a stomach ache.” That helped some what.

Then in July of 2009. She got really sick and her health went from bad to worse. She lost 10 lbs in 3 wks. urinary track infections, white, foul smelling stools, etc….Too many things to list. She had no energy, dark circles under her eyes, over stimulated easy. Anyways.

We had a wonderful pediatrician that said lets do a blood tests. Dr. Miller called us at 8 am before office hrs to tell us she had Celiac disease. Booked her for a biopsy and got the confirmation. She is now an energetic, well balanced 10 yr old. Who can concentrate again. Who is now healthy and happy. When the other Drs. said what they thought was making her sick. Nothing clicked. This one Doctor and her willingness to go further and believe me when I said it was not acid reflux or anxiety. Made for a quicker diagnoses. Now due to my daughter diagnoses. I looked into my own health issues and horrible migraines. I am gluten intolerant. (I dont have celiac but do carry the gene for celiac) So my Drs. took what was going on with my daughter and I got better too!

Name: Cheri
City: Franklin
State: MA

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