Udi's is a lifesaver!

Put your celiac disease symptoms to a hault with Udi's Gluten Free Muffins and breads
My husband was recently diagnosed with celiac sprue. Needless to say we very quickly went looking for products that would be safe for him to eat. We were "green" & didn’t have any clue what to buy for him to eat.

The first loaf of bread that we bought was rice based and both of us swore that a person could have sanded a board with it in the workshop! Needless to say after trying that brand we stumbled upon Udi’s brand of gluten free bread, tried it and we both are HOOKED!! :o) We aren’t looking back, only forward to whatever new products Udi’s Gluten Free comes up with!!

This is the ONLY brand of GF bread and muffins we buy!! AWESOME!!

Name: Cheryl P.
City: Springfield
State: Missouri

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