Wrong Place, Right Time

The first time I tried Udi’s bread I found it by accident in the locally made bread section at our Whole Foods Coop. It was room temperature and since it was late afternoon and I had not had lunch yet, I decided to try a slice on the way home. Much to my delight (doesn’t happen often), I had to stop myself from eating a third piece!! I came home and couldn’t wait for my oldest daughter to come home from school. I told her that I had a little piece of heaven for her to try!! I have not bought another brand of gluten free bread since that day!! And each time I bring home a new or different Udi’s product, we seem to forget that we are eating gluten free!!

Name: Wendy S.
City: Maple
State: WI

Enjoy a delicious sandwich on our earthy whole grain bread, Stack the fixings high and enjoy!

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