Pizza Friday

When I was a kid we always had pizza and watched Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas, Falcon Crest and then my parents watched the news on Fridays. Now that I am a mom I have stayed with the same tradition with my boys but we go rent a movie and then order/bake our pizza.

My son recently had to start eating Gluten Free Diet and I didnt want him to miss out on pizza/movie night so we took a trip to Whole Foods and got some Udi’s pizza crust and made our own pizza. Since there is two crusts per package we make one cheese and one pepperoni. Thank you for all of your products, by the way we only buy Udi bread–he loves it because it has "bread crust". Thanks again Udi for coming into our life.

Name: AnnMarie F.
City: Schaumburg
State: IL

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