Convert to Udi's!

I am a recent Udi’s convert and will never go back. I’d tried every other brand of lumps of who knows what that was supposed to pass as bread. One other brand was *passable* but I rarely ate it.

Then I found Udi’s gluten free bread and I’m in L-O-V-E ! I’ve tried all the breads, the bagels and the pizza crust is in my freezer awaiting a cooler day, to turn on the oven. I have told so many about Udi’s…it just rocks in every sense of the word. I even save my heels of bread, dry them out and make breadcrumbs. My favorite breakfast treat now, is Udi’s Whole Wheat Bread toasted and topped with cream cheese and strawberry jam. I actually have to curb my bread eating now…something I haven’t needed to do in years and years.

Thank you UDI’s and keep those new items coming!

Name: Brenda
City: Sheboygan
State: WI

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