GF in Canada

I spent my entire childhood in pain (stomach pain, tender skin) and always fatigued. My parents didn’t know how much it hurt, I came to not notice it much. Had nosebleeds with HUGE clots all through childhood, and menstrual problems at 11yrs. As a result, I was mis-diagnosed with leukemia at 12 yrs, because my blood was having clotting issues. Doctor called 2 weeks later and said “never mind!”

The skin problems came in university, once on a steady diet of pasta, pizza and ramen noodles. Mom suddenly remembered I had relatives with this disease, and found out the name. I stopped eating gluten and my whole life spun upside-down…or rather…right side up! I was more energetic, happier, less anxious, skin was less tender, no more foggy-brain, an end to my life-long constipation, no more pain. After my switch to gluten free diet, my older brother followed, and mom is trying to decrease dad’s intake (he’s stubborn). I’m so happy my brother tried, he never had symptoms but now we know he had it anyway! Phew!

Now I’m a grad student at McGill, studying to be a Dietician to help get the awareness and research spread further. I can’t believe how healthy and happy I feel compared to the black cloud of my youth. It has also taught me to bake and cook for myself since processed food was out of the question! I’m a food and fashion (finally happy with my body!) blogger in my spare time. Feel free to check out the recipes!

PS Hey Udi’s…bring your products to Canada!!! 😀 We have very few gf companies to choose from, and only one or two are decent quality. Just sayin’!

Name: Gina M.
City: Montreal
State: Quebec

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