Had Given Up, Until Udi's

I had given up on eating any breads. Then I saw Udi’s in HyVee here in Iowa. It was a new product they had just gotten in almost didnt buy it, all of the others tasted so bad even after toasting. I went ahead and got it and couldn’t believe how good it was. I get a loaf or two every time I go to Des Moines.

It is so great and is so nice to finally be able to eat bread again. I have tried all the Udi’s gluten free products and it was so nice to have a bagel again that tasted like the ones i use to eat. I keep a watch out for any of your new products since they have all have been awesome so far. I tell anyone that has celiac disease about them now…just have to keep my husband and mom out of them.

Name: Berlinda Ca.
City: Stuart
State: Iowa

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