He will never be the same…

Have you ever seen a grown man cry? Ok, so maybe at a funeral, or when his team wins the Super Bowl…but have you ever seen a grown man cry over bread? I have. My husband was diagnosed with celiac disease back in April of this year. You have to understand that my husband was a pizza-eating, Guinness-drinking, 2-sandwiches-for-lunch kind of guy until that day.

Gone were the homemade muffins for special breakfasts and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch on a rainy day. I struggled to please his appetite with the gluten-free bread, pasta and pizza offerings available in our area. He praised my efforts, but I noticed a lot more leftovers than I used to have around.

Then came the day. The day when my in-laws mentioned a new health-food store in Johnstown, NY, that had some gluten-free offerings. Always up for a new discovery, we made the 90-minute trek from our home to the store. I grabbed a loaf of Udi’s gluten free sandwich bread, and a pack of blueberry muffins, along with some other things, and headed to the register. My husband rolled his eyes and muttered something about trying yet another brand of bread.

Once in the parking lot, he opened the bread just to try it "cause he was hungry". I watched as tears literally came to his eyes. Then I watched my 40-year old husband race back in to the store and come out again with two more loaves. I have since purchased pretty much every product available from Udi’s. I think there is a chocolate muffin being microwaved right now. The lunch bag is once again packed with 2 sandwiches and suddenly, celiac disease isn’t so horrible to deal with. So, thanks – for making a huge difference in our lives, for making my job as the household cook easier, and for showing me that even the big boys can get teary-eyed over something as "everyday" as bread.

Name: Kelly H.
City: Greenville
State: NY

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