My Udi Moment

After being sick for almost a year, I finally figured out it was gluten and dairy that was making me so ill. From there my search for something to eat started. I felt lost in a world of wheat! I started with sandwiches minus the bread but the craving was still there. I first tried tapioca bread – YUCK!!! Then it was on to one bread after another, even trying to make my own.

That’s when a friend of mine from school, who has celiac, said to try Udi’s gluten-free bread. After a long search I finally found some. Skeptical, since none of the other breads even tasted like bread, I popped it in the toaster and made a sandwich. It was like heaven! It was the best sandwich I had ever eaten. Now I always keep some in the freezer. We have to drive a little ways to get it but Udi’s ~ you’re worth it. Oh and by the way, finding your cinnamon rolls has made me happier than a kid at Christmas. Love my Udi’s!!!

Name: Larissa W.
City: Hendersonville
State: TN

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