Road to My Discovery

I truly believe that without Udi’s Gluten Free products, I would still be having many food meltdowns as I had before finding Udi!

Recently I became very ill and no doctor could figure out what was wrong. Finally I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy…and let me tell you I cried and cried thinking my life was over. For weeks I tried different gluten free brands and would break down and cry because they just didn’t taste very good! Until the glorious day I found Udi’s white bread…my life was changed! I could eat sandwhiches again and be completely satisfied…then I found their pizza crusts and I could eat pizza! Since finding Udi’s Gluten free products I have not had a food meltdown and cried so I want to say thank you everyone at Udi for making my life simpler and easier and still very much enjoyable!

Name: Hannah K.
City: Traverse City
State: Michigan

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