The only one in my family

All my life food made me sick. No matter what I ate, my stomach would hurt. It got so bad that I would rather not eat than put up with the pain, bloating and weird stomach sounds.

About 3 months ago I was diagnose with celiac disease. I thought I wasn’t going to find anything that was gluten free and actually tasted good. My family had bagels, bread, cinnamon rolls and pizza just to name a few. Decided to go shopping to Henry’s market and my jaw dropped when I saw all these products that were gluten free. Udi’s! a brand I had never heard of but now can’t stop talking about.

The cinnamon rolls are so delicious, the bagels are soft and so tasty. Now I can have pizza with my family! Being the only one in my family with celiac disease I thought would be hard, but with a company like udi’s making this products makes me feel human again. Thank you 🙂

Name: Adriana M.
City: Chino
State: California

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