Gluten free isn't bread free anymore!

I don’t know if you folks at Udi’s truly realize the impact your product has had on my family, and I’m sure many others. My daughter needed to become gluten-free last year at the age of 5. There are so many limitations!

When our every search for basic bread ended up in disappointment after disappointment, I didn’t think we would ever find a bread that we could enjoy again. I never gave up the search!

Finally about 6 months ago we tried Udi’s. (I’d heard good things about Udi’s, but I still didn’t believe there was a good g-f baked good on this planet.) We now will not even TRY another bread, or purchased baked good. As a mom, I’m thrilled to tears that my daughter can now eat a sandwich, muffin, bagel, pizza that she truly enjoys!!!

Honestly, from the bottom of my heart… thank you Udi’s! Please never stop doing what you’re doing!

Name: Deb K.
City: Sterling
State: CT

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