Living with doubts

Our beautiful gluten free bagels will hold up to any of your favorite toppings!
I was not diagnosed with Celiac Disease until after I moved to AZ. I can’t tell you how many tests and doctors I saw in CA for so many years! When my new doctor in AZ couldn’t figure out why my iron was so low and I had so many stomach issues, he sent me to a hematologist who knew right away! I was so happy to finally know I was not crazy and there was something wrong with me.

I bought every book available at Barnes and Noble and I read everything I could find on the Internet. Once I started the gluten free diet, I felt better within weeks. However, I felt like I lost something. I mourned the loss of spaghetti and french bread and so many other foods.

I tried every brand name of every bread and pasta and cereal I could find. I ordered foods online. I shopped the health stores. I learned that "gluten free" and "good" did not go together …. Until I found Udi’s bagels. Wow! What a delight!

I was visiting relatives in CA last weekend and stopped at a gluten free grocery store and the clerk talked me into trying the bagels. (They are real life ones not those miniture frozen things other companies call bagels!) I wish I would have bought the bread now. I am going to order online if none of the stores here will carry Udi’s products. I printed the request and will share that with the stores I shop at. If not, I found Heaven in those Udi bagels and I can order them online. Thank you Udi’s! I can’t wait to try all your products!

Name: Jo Ann R.
City: Mesa
State: AZ

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