REAL Bread….Yay!

I was in Colo. Spgs. visiting my dad (who also has celiac disease) and stepmom and the morning that we were getting ready to fly back to Oregon, Jenny (my stepmom) gave me a ziploc bag with a few pieces of Udi’s white bread in it.

While on the plane I broke a piece off thinking it wasn’t going to taste any better than any of the other gluten free bread I’d tasted but….it was like I had just tasted bread for the very first time! I was soooo excited!! I would get to have a sandwich again that actually tastes like a sandwich! After looking for months in Eugene, it finally appeared in one of our local grocery stores and that’s all I buy! Plus the bagels….and the muffins…and the granola….. Keep up the good work and I hope you come up with more and more great products!

I’ve also told several people about your products and they’re now loving you too!!

Name: Pam
City: Eugene
State: OR

One response to “REAL Bread….Yay!”

  1. Peggy Frazier says:

    can you get this bread fresh or does it only come frozen.

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