Udi's Leads to a JOB!

We discovered Udi’s at Stella-Lucy’s Gluten-free store in Claremont. When the clerk told us “that brand tastes like REAL bread”, we doubted him…until we went home and made our first sandwiches in over a year! We were jumping up and down in the kitchen over those fantastic grilled cheese delights! Several shopping trips later, he told us they would be hiring additional staff soon. My daughter applied and was hired, and now sells LOTS of the whole line of Udi’s products! She says if they run out of anything between deliveries, she’s had people start crying and refusing to try other brands. The store gets busiest on Udi’s delivery days! This is a photo of Stella Lucy’s where she works and I shop!

Name: Liza Sauls
City: Rancho Cucamonga
State: CA

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