Amazing Bagels!

Udi's gluten free bagels toast well but stay soft and chewy.
Over ten years ago doctors recommended a gluten free diet for my son. When we would grocery shop, he would often stop and run his hand over the bagels and breads he missed them so. We could find Gluten Free items in the store but were always disappointed in the taste and texture. I found that we could make a pretty good gluten free likeness of bread from scratch but it required a good amount of effort and time.

This week we saw the Udi’s Bagels at our local Whole Foods Market. My son was thrilled that they looked so good and were soft. But, would they taste good? Today we tried his first bagel in over ten years. I am pleased to report that it surpassed our expectations. The bagel toasted with a nice crust but soft inside.

And best of all, it tasted great with a super bagel flavor! What a treat! We will be keeping these in stock and are looking forward to trying more Udi’s products.

Name: Teresa W.
City: Glendale
State: AZ

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