I Gave Up…Until I Found You!

My last bite of bread was Superbowl Sunday. I had tried, since then, every gluten free bread offered. Fresh, frozen, home made, you name it, and most of it is still in the freezer, because it was yucky!

My husband stumbled upon Udi’s because he loves to search for things, and loves me enough to keep looking. We found a local place that carried the bread, I thawed out 2 pieces, and for the first time in 8 months, I had a sandwich that tasted like a real sandwich. I called everyone I knew, I was so excited!! Since then I have had toast and jelly, sandwiches every chance I get, garlic toast with my spaghetti. Udi’s made me soooo happy, and made me feel normal again. Thank you for your wonderful Udi’s product, I love the white sandwich bread, and tell everyone I meet how awesome it is!

Name: Coreena F.
City: Sunvalley
State: Nevada

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