Smitten by Udi's and I'll never go back

Anyone who’s had food allergies has known what it’s like to wander stores aimlessly searching for that one product that may work, the blank stares as you walk down that aisle that is covered with products claiming their tasty and "just like real bread." I, like many others, have many food allergies. When I first encountered this problem I would leave the store in tears; but still with hesitation open up my wallet and spend that 7 dollars in hopes this could be the one. The first bite was just like all the rest — dense, tasteless and hard. Forget the pepper spray, these things were so rock hard you could use them as weapons. So we did what any determined person would do… My Mom and I broke out the bread machine to once again conquer the odds and ends of these flours that made up their own baking rules. We would pace back and forth in the kitchen peeking in at that little window to see if it was actually working. It seemed to rise to the top and you would hear little shrieks of joy…but soon after it cooled that joy, quickly turned into disappointment as our once so bold loaf was just a puny little lifeless crouton. I gave up bread for months.

It wasn’t until my Mom and I were doing our weekly run to Sprouts that she noticed as we were checking out, another Gluten-Free bread product. I immediately became defensive as if the bread and I had some sort of love hate relationship and muttered the words "oh, it probably tastes horrible just like the rest of them." Still interested, I glanced back again as it did look a little fluffier than any I had ever seen before. Oh, and they had muffins too. Blueberry and chocolate muffins…and cinnamon rolls! I walked over and picked up the loaf of bread with my very hands somewhat trying to feel the packaging to check it’s consistency. It was actually soft and a brand I had never seen before. Udi’s…huh… We bought the bread and a package of Gluten Free Muffins, headed home, and that next morning I was able to toast my bread with a little sunflower butter and put the negative bread experience behind me.

Name: Jennifer A.
City: Temecula
State: CA

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