The best birthday ever!

We love Udi’s blueberry muffins, they are my daughter’s absolute favorite breakfast item. They’re the only thing that gets her out of bed some mornings “Sierra….we have blueberry muffins!” For her 5th birthday last week, all she wanted for her birthday were Udi’s blueberry muffins and an American Girl doll. She was so happy to have breakfast, "Mama – this is the best birthday ever!" As for our first Udi’s experience, I was determined to find the best tasting gluten-free items available after my daughter’s celiac diagnosis in Feb, 2009. I made a spreadsheet and kept track of everything we bought and gave it a rating. The hardest to find was good bread. I purchased 14 loaves of various gluten-free breads over the course of the month after her diagnosis. I was surprised at the poor quality of those first loves. People actually ate these? They were like a brick, tasted like eggs, tasted like sawdust, fell apart when you looked at it twice, was mealy, super chewy, or had a consistency of plastic. What was the deal? Just when I was about to give up hope, we tried Udi’s. Whoa. I had to do a double taste. It was actually like real bread! Really? Could we be this lucky? Even our local King Soopers has it! Udi’s gluten-free bread has the density of “normal” bread, tastes like bread, toasts well, and does not fall apart – either when holding it or after it has sat in my daughter’s lunch box all day. Just what we were looking for – a great gluten-free bread that is not a bread-substitute. I don’t understand why some of these brands are still in business. Do the consumers not realize there is something better out there? Udi’s blows everyone else out of the water. I have my spreadsheet to prove it! We have occasionally tried other breads as we found them, but nothing is better than Udi’s. We keep our freezer stocked!

Name: Kari D.
City: Golden
State: CO

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