Cinnamon Love

I recently got out of a long term relationship, in the middle of which I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. My former boyfriend went through the whole transition with me, and learned from the bottom up just like I did. After the split, my friends started asking me how I planned on dating with such an obnoxious food restriction. It hadn’t even occurred to me. How was I going to date? Who would want to deal with this from the get go? Who is going to understand, and subject themselves to, how complex living gluten free really is?
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Cue Chris. We’ve have dozens of mutual friends that we have each known for over 10-15 years, but somehow never crossed paths. On our first date, he researched and found a nice Italian restaurant that had gluten free noodles. He questioned the waiter, and then the chef, on their policies and procedures in the kitchen. It blew me away. He did his research. We ate dinner, but he didn’t eat gluten free — I was having a rare shy moment and didn’t want to say anything — so by the end of the night I was a total jerk and wouldn’t let him kiss me, for fear of getting glutened. I felt guilty and wished I’d just spoken up!

The next day he vowed to eat gluten free. We were going to a barbecue on the beach that night, and we stopped Whole Foods to load up on gluten free crackers, meats, cheeses, and cookies. We snuck away an had our own little gluten free picnic, and shortly thereafter had our first gluten free kiss under fireworks. No joke, this was the 4th of July!

A few weeks later I spent the night at his house, and woke up to something that smelled heavenly. I was starving and realized there was likely nothing here I could eat, and cursed whoever was toasting that sweet smelling treat. I walked out into the living room just in time to meet him on his way to come see me. In his hand? A plate with a cinnamon roll! My stomach growled and he handed me the plate. I was so confused, he understood the concept of gluten free, and had successfully wooed me gluten free twice now. "It’s okay, it’s gluten free!" he said. I’m sure I did an honest to god double take. "What? But it actually looks and smells like a cinnamon roll…" I sat down to eat my first cinnamon roll in nearly three years, I could feel his eyes burning into the side of my head waiting for my reaction. I was bracing myself, not expecting it to be any good. I’d not had very much luck with gluten free pastries thus far. I guess he could read the surprise and utter glee in my eyes as I took my first bite, because he gave me the biggest smile I’d ever seen. "No, you have to try this! It tastes like a normal cinnamon roll!" I barked at him, "What is going on? Where’s the box? Are you sure this is gluten free?" I really panicked for a moment, I couldn’t believe that this was a gluten free cinnamon roll. I still almost can’t believe it when he brings me one a few mornings a week. I am still in shock that anything gluten free could possibly taste as good as these Udi’s gluten free cinnamon rolls. Are you sure they’re gluten free? Promise?

Name: Ariel
City: Pasadena
State: CA

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