I, like all the other storytellers, have kept looking in every food freezer at every grocery store I visit just in case there is a new gluten-free bread. On Sunday, I spotted maybe five loaves of a brand I’d never seen before — UDI’S — on the top shelf in the store’s frozen bread section. The price (less than $5/loaf) was the teaser but when I pulled the loaf out of the freezer it was so lightweight and that was the clincher. Because the loaf was frozen it was hard to distinguish whether it was going to be what I was looking for. Once home, and the bread at room temp, I removed two slices from the bag and was excited to see and feel "real" bread texture. I spread mayonnaise and fresh local chicken salad on a slice and, may I say, I was in heaven! I haven’t had crust that good in so long! And to eat a real bread sandwich was a small private celebration. Congratulations, Udi’s, on perfecting the recipe. I can’t wait to find a local source for your other products. I’m a happy girl!

Name: Trish A.
City: High Point
State: NC

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