Thanks for Bringing Back the PB&J!

"You HAVE to try this bread," my friend insisted. I was skeptical, I must admit. After seven years gluten free, I had learned that there were two kinds of gluten-free bread: Homemade, and Inedible. But my friend insisted. "You won’t believe it, this bread tastes like…BREAD! I didn’t have to toast it. I didn’t have to microwave it. I even…get this…I even made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with it!" Now my interest was piqued.

As a child, I thought I never wanted to see another PB&J again in my life! But after seven years without one, I’d changed my mind. Enjoying gluten free peanut butter and jelly!And my 13 year old son, who inherited my gluten problem…well, it’s just plain unnatural for a child to go through life without sandwiches. Peanut butter and Jelly is more a part of growing up in America than Apple Pie! We’ve made due with rice cakes, the odd homemade loaf of rice bread, and lots of unusual lunches involving breadless rolled-up lunch meat with lettuce and tomato. We’d tried every other brand of gluten free bread available, but most of them tasted like cardboard. Could it be true? A store-bought, gluten free bread that actually tastes as good as homemade bread, pre-sliced and ready to go?

I decided that the possibility of a good GF bread was worth the risk. My Celiac friend and I went in on a case of Udi’s gluten free bread. I hoped it was as good as she insisted it was, but I have to admit…I was a bit skeptical. How do you describe coming home to an old friend? That’s what it felt like to eat a plain-old PB&J on sliced sandwich bread again! The Udi’s was every bit as good as my friend had reported. Soft, not a bit crumbly, and so much like “real” bread in taste and texture that it almost brought tears to my eyes. Not only that, but the Udi’s bread looks enough like wheat bread that it does not raise eyebrows when my son packs a sack lunch and eats with his friends! Udi’s bread looks and tastes like the bread I used to enjoy, pre gluten intolerance.

I know it sounds funny, but finding Udi’s has made a real difference for me and my son. Knowing we can make a quick sandwich for lunch is such a comfort on busy days, and it is really a freeing feeling to know that if I want to really enjoy a baked good, I no longer have to go without or make it myself! Don’t get me wrong…I love cooking gluten-free foods and I enjoy being in the kitchen. I love to bake gluten free breads, cookies, pizzas and pies for my son and his friends, and it’s rewarding when nobody can tell that it’s gluten free. But it makes a difference to know that I don’t have to do it all myself anymore! I have Udi’s to back me up. There’s nothing like enjoying a slice of cinnamon toast on Udi’s bread, or savoring an Udi’s muffin with my coffee in the morning…it’s a little gift to myself! And seeing my son pack a sandwich in a brown paper bag for lunch…well, it means more than I ever thought it would.

Thanks, Udi’s, for bring back the PB&J! I never thought I’d appreciate it this much.

Name: Erica H.
City: Salt Lake City
State: UT

3 responses to “Thanks for Bringing Back the PB&J!”

  1. Joyce Fraser says:

    Udi’s is the best gluten free bread I have eaten since my diagnosis. I have tried every other bread I could find and this one is the very best!!!tunouhod

  2. Rachel Freeman says:

    Udi safed my life!! As the mother of three kids…all with Celiac Disease (ages 19, 17, and 12) I knew if I tried to make them another sandwhich with the rice bread they would throw it at my head and I would have a brain injury…the rice bread is as heavy and thick as a brick. They never have gotten use to eating gluten free breads, bagels, muffins, or pizza. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at my house was a nightmare!! And then along came Udi! I am now a super hero! I went to all the local stores I shop and insisted that they stock Udi products! My next conquest will be the school district’s lunch program so my daughter can eat at school and not worry about getting sick! Udi, I love you!!! Thank you soooo much!!

  3. Kimbre says:

    When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease and began to learn about a GF life, sandwiches, most notably PB&J’s were the thing I missed most. I tried Udi’s white sandwich bread after the clerk @ Sprout’s recommended it to me and let me tell you, I DID sit down and cry after my first bite! It was just delicious! I have since tried anything Udi’s I can get my hands on and I love it all! It really does seem like I have bread with every meal now. Toasted, not toasted, it does not matter, this stuff really is the stuff GF people dream about…..truly. Yay!! It’s Udi’s!

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