College and GluteMeals at Collegen Free: not a good mix

I am a Junior in college, and my sophomore year I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy. I let neither define me now, but at the time it seemed my life was going to end. My dorm served two things, fried chicken and gravy chicken, on great nights they had pasta. No wonder I was sick nearly every day, who wouldn’t be? After getting a strict wheat free diet, I looked around my dorm and found salads and salads. I was at a loss, then I found Udi’s gluten free bread. Suddenly my world opened back up. Here was my quick easy muffin breakfast before my 8 am class, here was my sandwich eaten on the way to the bus stop, here was my pizza dinner heated up for my "long hours" of studying. Now I can order anything I could have before, easy quick things and I can make more complicated things. Udi’s bread makes great croutons, and bread crumbs, not to mention the french toast, the grilled cheese, bread pudding, or even bruschetta!

Having UMeals at Collegedi’s GF Bread has opened up a whole world of culinary experiences, and because it is so versatile and tastes so much like "real" bread, I work hard to put together new and exciting recipes. I forget that I am wheat free when I have Udi’s, in fact I make people jealous that they only have wheat bread.

Name: Jordanne K.
City: Urbana
State: IL

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