On The Road: A Slice of Gluten-Free Life by Heather Collins

Heather Collins diagnosed with gluten intolerance  two years ago.
Each month, I travel to communities across the country meeting gluten-free fans of Udi’s. I am always overjoyed by the sense of gratitude people have for Udi’s and how our breads have changed their lives in a positive way. Some people hug me; some cry tears for joy, most are always willing to share their story about living gluten-free. I can relate to their stories, because two years ago I was diagnosed with a gluten-intolerance. 

Heather Collins

35 responses to “On The Road: A Slice of Gluten-Free Life by Heather Collins”

  1. peggy curry says:

    we are most grateful for Udilicousness products! We are so happy that the burger and hot dog buns made it into our El Segundo store in time for the 4th! It took a lot of begging, but they got here! Now I’m on a mission to get the whole line of ancient grains into the store. I tried them in Boulder and hope to bring them to Southern California. Keep up the great work Heather we ALL love you and Udis!!! Peggy

  2. Betty Tapp says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Dz. last year, I have gluten intolerance. Everything from the Udi’s brand we have loved. Our problem is finding Udi’s products. We live close to Memphis TN. and the only store that almost always has Udi’s is the Whole Food Store about 40 miles from us. For about a month the local Kroger store carried the bread, but now they have stopped. I would like to see Udi’s products in more local grocery stores like Kroger, Walmart, Target, etc.

  3. Dick Regan says:

    The best gluten free bread I ever had!!

  4. Helen Downs says:

    I finally found a store with hamburger buns and I really like them. The store is in northern Wisconsin and wonder why they are not in southern Wisconsin! Would like to try the new bread that is listed on this newsletter.

  5. Don Maddison says:

    Happy to be able to purchase Udi’s now at the Shop Rite in Ramsey, NJ after requesting that they carry it. Was getting it at Whole Foods but Shop Rite is more convenient. Thank you.

  6. Kris says:

    Recently tried the dark chocolate muffins!!! Whoa, that’s a big YUM! from me. I think I’m going to live!!!!! Thanks for a great treat. Sometimes you just gotta have it. Thanks for providing delicious choices.

  7. Joanne Hwaszcz says:

    Your bread & rolls are delicious, I can only find bread in my local supermarkets, bread & rolls in health food stores why is that?

  8. Lori says:

    My granddaughter has been gluten free for 10 of her 16 years and Udi’s products are always bringing a smile to her face. I send her a care package of Udi bread, muffins and goodies every week during her 6 week dance camp. Udi’s allows her to have pizza, muffins, burgers and sandwiches like the other gals at camp. At her age you just don’t want to be different. Thanks Udi’s

  9. steve paskow says:

    Your products are the best out there. Since my 18 month old son was diagnosed with Celiacs, we have been on a very strict diet. Having tried other brands prior, we now just stick with Udis.

  10. Angela Thompson says:

    My son and I have celiac sprue. We have tried many items in the bread department, but your brand is the best. We especially enjoyed the hamburger buns on July 4th.

    Thank you!

  11. Dvae says:

    We have a store in Toronto Ontario and since we introduced the Udi’s product line our business has increased,and our customers just love the Udi’s products,please keep up the good work.Our store is called Annick’s Gluten Free Market

  12. Beverly says:

    I served a friend a shredded smoked pork tenderloin sandwich on Udi’s bread and she asked me where I got sour dough bread in this area of the country. She loved it!

  13. Karyn says:

    Please come to Sarasota, FL! We have a few stores who carry LIMITED Udi’s products and would love to help you encourage them to carry a complete line! My daughter has Epilepsy (as do I) and we’re going gluten free to help her get the seizures under control. We are very active – paddleboarding, kayaking, biking, etc – and love how going gluten free is made easier with your products! It’s so easy to make a simple sandwich again! Thank you !!! 🙂

  14. Lynda Kennedy says:

    My favorite summer time sandwich is a BLT, but haven’t been able to enjoy one since I was diagnosed with Celiac 8 years ago. Thank you for the wonderful sandwich bread. I need to talk to my neighborhood natural food market to order more hamburg and hot dog buns. They can’t seem to keep them in stock.

  15. Alicia says:

    Finally, some gluten-free bread products that taste as good or even better than some of the ones I had missed for so long–I thank God for Udi’s–keep those amazing gluten-free products coming, please!

  16. Jennifer Pereyra says:

    I found UDI hamburger buns & hot dog buns in my neighbourhood Whole Foods on Sunday. I rushed home and tried my first hot dog in about a year! Had a hamburger for lunch the next day – heaven!

  17. Mary says:

    Thanks for making my life so much easier and richer with your products! They are the only ones I buy now!

  18. nancy messing says:

    My son has celiacs and had a gf lobster roll at Eat in Montauk. It was amazing! They said it was Udis – they (hotdog and hamburger buns there) came individually wrapped from Udis. Can we purchase those?? They also came soft and warm – how can I do that at home?

  19. Diana says:

    I love your bread !! I would like to bealbe to purchase it in hamburger buns!! as I LOVE all UDI products..yummy yum

  20. Vicki Bury says:

    I think 48 loaves!!!! Thank you so much for making all our lives more enjoyable!!! Every UDI product I’ve tried, I have absolutely loved!! I’m just headed to the freezer now to try the cinnamon rolls–I can’t wait!!

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