Tastes Like Wheat Free Heaven!

Our daughter began to develop strange symptoms, with abdominal pain, bloating and acid reflux at the age of 7. After some testing we learned she has food allergies to gluten, casein, and peanuts. How to handle lunch at school became a real problem after trying various breads for over 2 years and finding nothing that she liked. I very much appreciate having all these options to try, and have often wondered what people did prior to having so many choices! But I have to agree that nothing tasted like what she had become used to prior to the onset of her symptoms.

Recently our Doctor introduced us to Udi’s Gluten Free Foods and it tastes like heaven! My freezer is stocked and just today I picked up the Blueberry Muffins. My daughter is so excited to have one for breakfast tomorrow! Keep on baking…you are a blessing to us!!

Name: Felicia B.
City: Jacksonville
State: FL

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