Bread between sisters…

My sister and I were diagnosed with celiac disease 18 months apart. We both managed pretty well with the gluten free diet. The only problem was that we could not find good bread! We were both living in central Oklahoma at the time and had a great store with lots of gluten-free products but the bread was awful. And my attempts at baking bread were awful. I had not ever been much of a bread person so I took it lightly but my sister missed her toast (cinnamon-sugar with a slice of cheese – gross, I know). So about six months after my diagnosis I moved to Texas for grad school. On one of my drives back and forth from home to school I stopped in Arlington to have lunch with a friend and paid a visit to the Whole Foods there. In the bakery section (not even the freezer section!) I found Udi’s bread. I bought a loaf each of the white sandwich bread and the whole grain. I texted my sister and told her I had found a new brand to try and I’d let her know. I wish I had tried it on the spot as I would have stocked up had I known how good it was. I got home and after unloading my car thought I’d try the bread. My first instinct was to toast it because all the gluten-free bread I had had prior had to be toasted to be consumable. But this loaf was soft. It looked like “real” bread. And it smelled like “real” bread. After my first bite I called my sister screaming and ordered her to buy some on her upcoming trip to Dallas. She complied and called me screaming afterwards. Any time I came home after that I always had to bring her more bread. Fortunately, she can now get Udi’s bread at the local health foods store and she always keeps some in her freezer. Apparently it makes excellent cinnamon-cheese toast!

Name: Keri C.
City: Austin
State: TX

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