I can't believe it's safe

Our 6 year old first grader has significant food allergies. He has a twin sister who does not have food restrictions. The first time we tried Udi’s bread, I sent it with him in his lunch to school. He came home cranky and hungry, with an uneaten sandwich in his lunch bag. The first words out of his mouth were, "Can I have a snack? I am so hungry! You made a mistake and gave me Kayla’s bread on my sandwich so I didn’t eat it." I assured him that it was HIS bread and it was safe and that he could eat it. He was stunned and thrilled. When he discovered the bagels ("They don’t look or taste like hockey pucks!") and the cinnamon rolls ("jsut like everyone else!"), his life was changed. Udi’s looks (and tastes) so much like traditional bread, our son refused to eat it….assuming I’d made an error and sent him with the wrong lunch. Each time a friend is diagnosed, we bring a care package to their home, filled with Udi’s products. These people never have to have the disappointing experience of how poor other gluten free products can be. Thank you from our family!

Name: Beverly B.
City: Highland Park
State: IL

Enjoy a delicious GFCF grilled cheese again with Udi's Gluten Free Foods and Dairy Free Cheese!

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