Loving bread again!!!

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about 2 years ago. Prior to the diagnosis I loved to have blueberry muffins as a snack and always had bread and butter with dinner. After being diagnosed with Celiac disease I tried all the products in my area (Indiana) and always tossed them after trying. I kept seeing Udi’s on my facebook page so decided to try the bread expecting to throw it out! I used the store finder and found a local Meijers so purchased the bread and could not wait to get home to try it. When I took the first bite I almost cried!!! The bread is like "real" bread, the kind my Grandma used to make!! I am now hooked and have fallen in love with not only Udi’s bread but the blueberry muffins as well! Thanks to Udi’s I can enjoy a sandwich, piece of toast or bread and butter with my dinner again…just like a normal person!!!

Name: Jenny S.
City: Muncie
State: Indiana

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