My mom was 78 when diagnosed with celiac disease. Hers was not evident through blood tests and was not diagnosed until she became severely ill and hospitalized for 10 days at which time they did a colonoscopy and an endoscopy – she went from 145 lbs to 108 lbs and was practically on the verge of having her organs shut down – when we finally got her on the road to recovery it was a trial and error experience – feeling defeated many times. At her age and state of body and mind at that point it was exremely difficult to satifsy her especailly when it came to breads and pastries. I literally spent 100’s of dollars on expensive items only to end up throwing them out. Just recently I saw an add at a local supermarket advertising UDI’s Products – I immediately went out and bought the bread and muffins – and once again waiting for the the " I can’t eat this look" – she said why didn’t they make this for me at the beginning. Saying this I now buy 1 to 2 loaves of bread a week along with pastries – and hoping you come out with more products. Your products have finally made my life and her so much easier now that she feels she can once again have a decent sandwich.

Name: DEB
City: North Providence

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