My Search For Love

I went from eating bread and noodles everyday to being told I will never be able to eat those again….or so that is what it sounded like in my head. I went through plenty different kinds of gluten-free "cardboard" bread, I even went as far as making my own. I’m a college student and I just didn’t have the time to make my own, I wanted a sandwich to through together and race out the door to my next class. Then I found Heaven, I mean Udi’s sandwich bread. Udi’s has not only given me a more "normal" diet, at least compared to my friends, but it has allowed me to be able to make so much with a slice of bread. All their products make my life so much easier. College student or non-college student ease of eating is always something nice to fall back on. Thank you Udi’s for helping me find my slice of love!

Name: Ashley L.
City: Ames
State: Iowa

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